Our Mission: A responsible approach to fashion

We specialize in luxury handmade clothing with a mission to drive sustainable employment in the developing world. We work with expert indigenous artisans in Bolivia and Peru, 70-80% being women. We respect and utilize handmade manufacturing techniques that have taken generations to perfect. Our focus is on social responsibility and environmentally conscious practices.

About the Anita: Anita Arzé dug into her cultural roots and drew upon the craftsmanship of Bolivian knitting for the basis of her eponymous line of hand made goods. When she decided to launch the collection she knew she wanted to access all the craft available where her parents grew up. Arzé borrows the inspiration of traditional South American wears and interprets the ideas into “modern” styles. The beautiful collection of hand made goods is made up of materials such as alpaca, alpaca/silk and organic pima cotton. Arzé not only uses elements from modern and ancient culture to express her ideas, but reaches toward deeper inspiration that is socially and environmentally conscious.